Healthy Rivers

Saluda Basin Improvements

Upstate Forever is helping improve the health of our rivers and make them safe for recreation by reducing the sources of bacteria and nutrients. We are currently working in Big Creek, Craven Creek, Grove Creek, and Hurricane Creek (see map below) to help landowners install on-the-ground projects to improve water quality. These four creeks are tributaries of the Saluda River and have a history of bacterial impairments, making them and the Saluda River at times unsafe for recreation. Funding is available through October 2017 for projects such as fencing cattle out of streams, providing water sources for farm animals, replacing failing septic tanks, and installing pet waste stations.

To date, Upstate Forever has helped fund:

  • 1 agricultural project package (including; 1 water source, well pump, heavy use area, and livestock fencing)
  • 6 septic system repairs
  • 8 pet waste stations

How the Program Works

Once we have confirmed the property is located within the project boundary (see map below), we will meet with the landowner to discuss the best solutions for their property.  These programs have a 60/40 cost-share — Upstate Forever will pay up to 60% of your total project installation costs! Projects will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please contact Erika Hollis, Clean Water Project Manager, at


Photo: Jon Holloway

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