Citizens Planning Academy

Have you ever wondered how things get built in Greenville? Would you like to understand the role of the planning commission and city council in Greenville’s planning processes? Do you want to know how and why we should plan for future development that is 5, 10, or 15 years away?

Upstate Forever’s Citizens Planning Academy is an interactive, introductory course designed to provide a foundation for Greenville residents, business owners, and neighborhood leaders understand processes that drive local planning and land use policy decisions as well as the roles and perspectives of diverse stakeholders. City of Greenville and/or Greenville County residents who are motivated to become more informed, effective, and influential participants in local land use planning and policy decision-making are encouraged to apply. Participants learn about a variety of planning and development topics, such as the history of planning, how development projects come together, and how to get involved in planning processes for your community.


The Citizens Planning Academy is returning for a series of six 2.5-hour sessions in 2024. Stay tuned for details on session content and how to sign up to participate this fall. 

We strive to provide universal access to the Citizens Planning Academy. Applicants with mobility and other accessibility challenges are encouraged to apply. We will work with participants that require additional accommodations to the best of our ability.

If you have questions about the Citizens Planning Academy, please contact Land Policy Director Sherry Barrett at

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