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Land Planning & Policy

The Upstate is growing. By 2040, our region’s population is projected to reach nearly 1,750,000 – an increase of 64% since 1990. The real issue, however is the way we are accommodating that growth. Unchecked development is consuming our green spaces and making travel by any means other than a personal vehicle nearly impossible. What's more, the expensive infrastructure needed to support this sprawl is setting up future residents for an insurmountable tax burden.

If we want to ensure a high quality of life for all residents and protect the places that make the Upstate so special, we must be more thoughtful and deliberate about our land use practices. Upstate Forever's Land Planning & Policy program works with elected officials, landowners, communities, business leaders, and local stakeholders to promote smart, responsible growth. Join us and help preserve the unique character of the Upstate!


Featured projects

citizens planning academy

This interactive course is designed to help Greenville residents, business owners, and neighborhood leaders become more effective and influential participants in City of Greenville planning and land use policy efforts. 

Shaping Growth in Greenville County

Greenville County is growing rapidly. We are working to ensure that land use policies are in place that support smart, balanced growth. 

impact Greenville 

We have partnered with a diverse group of stakeholders to identify and advance a set of shared advocacy priorities.  


Rapid change is already underway, as are planning processes to better manage anticipated growth. We are engaging with residents, councilmembers, and other stakeholders to encourage responsible growth and development in Spartanburg.


Past projects

Envision Landrum: Moving from Plan to reality

In 2019, Landrum officials are pursuing new ordinances and amendments to align the town's zoning with Envision Landrum, the town's 2017 comprehensive plan update. 


This groundbreaking study shows an urgent need for more balanced growth in the Upstate.

Heart of Boiling Springs

A diverse group of local citizens and decision-makers are working to transform Boiling Springs in Spartanburg County into a more active, healthy community. 

Planning for less pavement and more green infrastructure

Large paved areas threaten water quality and aquatic life, but can easily be reduced with simple changes to development standards and incorporation of green infrastructure strategies.


Photo: Dick Carr

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