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Upstate Forever's Crossroads Campaign

Crossroads Campaign Update

In March 2019, we launched Crossroads, Upstate Forever’s $7.5 million campaign to ensure our region grows responsibly while protecting the critical lands, abundant waters, and unique character of the Upstate. Thanks to commitments by our generous lead donors, we were just $150,000 short of our goal at the time of launch.

Help us protect the Upstate for generations to come. Pledge at least $25 per year for three years or make a one-time gift of $50 or more to receive our limited edition Be the Upstate tee created in collaboration with local outfitter Dapper Ink.

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Our region is at a crossroads, and we have an important decision to make. We can sit back and watch as our farms, forests and mountains are paved over. We can do nothing as our waterways are polluted. Or we can band together to protect this land we call home and promote positive, responsible growth. The choice is yours, and the time is now.

The Crossroads Campaign will:

  • Permanently protect an additional 15,000 acres of critical lands
  • Safeguard water quality and quantity
  • Balance responsible growth and development with natural resource protection
  • Engage a growing base of conservationists
  • Provide sustainable funding for years to come

Together, we will ensure that Upstate South Carolina remains green, vibrant and prosperous — forever.

Read more about the Crossroads Campaign (PDF)

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