Comprehensive Plan

Envision Landrum


Upstate Forever supports the City of Landrum's ongoing efforts to implement Envision Landrum: Your Dream is Our Future, a comprehensive plan update adopted in August 2017.  Upstate Forever played a key role in facilitating the plan's robust public engagement process, professional data collection, and policy recommendations to implement the community's vision for the future. We continue to support Landrum's progress toward adoption of specific policies to achieve the community's Land Use, Housing, and Transportation goals. 

Land Use Goals: 

  • Encourage harmonious coordination between land use and transportation policies
  • Conserve land and preserve agricultural uses while accommodating growth
  • Be flexible in accommodating growth and development
  • Influence development outside of city limits to preserve the unique quality and interests of the city

Housing Goals: 

  • Devise programs that encourage residential reinvestment
  • Encourage sustainable residential building practices and a variety of housing styles
  • Reduce the minimum residential lot size for in-fill development
  • Explore options for increasing retirement and assisted living facilities

Transportation Goals:

  • Support and encourage a safe environment for all modes of transportation
  • Create an interconnected network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities that promote access to destinations to live, work, and play
  • Provide appropriate parking for residents and visitors

For the latest updates on Landrum’s zoning code update, check the city’s websitecalendar and Facebook page

Comprehensive Planning Public Meetings and Presentations


In January 2017, Tee Coker from ALTA Planning + Design presented the final “Walkable Landrum” pedestrian master plan to Landrum City Council. “Walkable Landrum” will inform continuing efforts on Landrum’s comprehensive plan update. Alissa Ritzo-Duncan, Broadmoor Planning LLC, presented at the January City Council meeting as well, focusing on her firm’s work to support completion of Envision Landrum: Your Dream is Our Future. The aggressive schedule for completion of the comprehensive plan update included a draft document by summer and public meetings for final public input on the plan in June, July, and August. The document was finalized in August of 2017.


On May 3, 2016, Upstate Forever and the City of Landrum co-hosted the second public meeting for Envision Landrum: Your Dream is Our Future. Tripp Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow and Associates recapped the results of his firm’s market analysis and shared recommendations for economic development and housing strategies for inclusion in Landrum’s comprehensive plan update. View Muldrow’s presentation

Blake Sanders, ALTA Planning + Design, launched “Walkable Landrum,” a bicycle and pedestrian planning project that will identify opportunities to enhance multi-modal transportation, especially to improve access to healthy food venues in the area. This Spartanburg Herald-Journal article describes the project and how it will benefit the community.

Attendees at the May 3 meeting participated in an electronic polling exercise to refine data collected through various means since Envision Landrum: Your Dream is Our Future launched in early 2016. 

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