Renewable Energy

Solarize South Carolina

Act 236, passed in 2014, threw open the doors in South Carolina for the development of residential, commercial and utility-scale solar generation. Upstate Forever has joined forces with Solarize South Carolina to spread the word and encourage solar energy solutions.

This solar legislation is a game changer. Now that our state has removed the legal barriers that stymied wide-scale adoption of solar energy, we have the spectacular opportunity to increase our production of renewable energy and reduce our use of fossil fuels. In addition to generous federal and state incentives, most of us in the Upstate can also take advantage of rebates currently available from Duke Energy.

Upstate Forever is excited to partner with Solarize South Carolina to help spread the word about how easy and affordable it is for local homeowners to go solar. Simply visit their website, plug in your address and contact information, and a pre-screened solar installer will contact you. Your home’s solar potential can sometimes be assessed remotely using Google Earth; otherwise the installer will arrange a free, no-obligation site visit.

If your home is a candidate for solar (and advances in technology mean that even partially-shaded roofs may be able to produce energy), you will receive an estimate, including an option for $0 down financing. Financing options are structured so that monthly payments are less than the reduction in your energy bills, so your costs will be lower from day one. It sounds almost too good to be true, but this program presents a genuine win-win-win for the environment, local solar installers, and your pocketbook.

To learn more, visit Solarize South Carolina, and also check out this article from the Charleston Post and Courier

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