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Upstate Forever Receives $75,000 Grant from Hollingsworth Funds - July 11th 2018

Greenville, SC – Hollingsworth Funds has awarded Upstate Forever a grant for $75,000 to empower and equip Greenville’s community leaders, citizens, and quality-of-life stakeholders with land use solutions to help address the most urgent issues facing our community. The grant follows the release of an eye-opening study, commissioned by Upstate Forever and partners, which highlights how land development trends in Greenville County are becoming increasingly unsustainable, from an environmental and economic standpoint. The study also illustrates the connections between land use, affordable housing, and public transportation.

“Our sprawling pattern of growth, in addition to being exorbitantly expensive to serve, also is effectively limiting housing diversity, public transportation viability, and the potential for mixed-income neighborhoods,” said Lisa Hallo, Land Policy Director at Upstate Forever. “With generous support from Hollingsworth Funds, we will help community leaders understand how land use regulation and zoning influence nearly every aspect of our daily lives – expanding, or drastically limiting – opportunities for local residents.”

“Hollingsworth Funds is focused on deploying its philanthropic capital to positively impact the systems that improve economic mobility for everyone in Greenville. Land use planning and policy influences many of the issues we care deeply about including housing, transportation and workforce development. We believe it is critical to the conversations about the future growth of our community,” said Hollingsworth Funds President & CEO Gage Weekes.

“We deeply appreciate the generosity of Hollingsworth Funds and are so thankful to their staff and trustees,” said Upstate Forever’s Executive Director Andrea Cooper.

For more information, contact Lisa Hallo, Land Policy Director, at or 64-250-0500 ext. 33

Upstate Forever is a nonprofit conservation organization that protects critical lands, waters, and the unique character of the Upstate of South Carolina. Founded in 1998, Upstate Forever now has two offices (in Greenville and Spartanburg), and a staff of 19. 

Hollingsworth Funds is a charitable support organization focused exclusively on Greenville, South Carolina. Endowed by the estate of textile executive John D. Hollingsworth Jr., Hollingsworth Funds seeks to ensure that Greenville County is a vibrant and successful community where everyone has a meaningful opportunity to achieve their highest potential. For more information, visit

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