Webinar Series

Pipelines 101

Please join us For Upstate Forever’s Natural Gas Pipelines 101 Webinar Series!

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Episode 1

A FERC Overview from Pre-filing through Appeal

Monday, October 22

1pm-2:30pm EST

The first of a four part series, this episode provides an overview of the FERC interstate natural gas pipeline approval process and the relevant laws that impact the process (Natural Gas Act, National Environmental Protection Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, National Historic Preservation Act, Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899). Michael Corley, an attorney with the South Carolina Environmental Law Project (SCELP), will present this overview along with a brief overview of the process itself, from pre-filing to appeal. Upstate Forever's Shelley Robbins will also explain how to navigate the FERC website. Click to register for Episode 1

Episode 2

EIS or EA? Nationwide 12, 404 and 401 certifications

Wednesday, October 24

1pm-2:30pm EST

In Episode Two of our four part series, David Sligh, Conservation Director for Wild Virginia, will dive into the differences between an Environmental Assessment and an Environmental Impact Statement. He will also explain how the wetland and waterbody permits and certifications work for interstate natural gas pipeline projects regulated by FERC. Click to register for Episode 2 

Episode 3

Understanding Dekatherms, Pipeline Construction and Export

Monday, October 29

1pm-2:30pm EST

In this third episode in our four part series, we will get an introduction to the Energy Information Administration website as well as an overview of normal pipeline construction (land clearing and restoration, welds, potential problems, pig launchers and receivers, compressor stations). We will also gain an understanding of how flow and energy are measured (cubic feet and dekatherms), how to communicate a pipeline’s capacity in relative and understandable terms, and we will take a look at export terminals and international market growth and price trends. Upstate Forever’s Shelley Robbins will present this episode. Click to register for Episode 3

Episode 4 

Land Trust, Forestry, Engagement and Monitoring

Wednesday, October 31

1pm-2:30pm EST

In this final episode of our four part series, we will look at the implications of a FERC-regulated natural gas pipeline project on properties with a conservation easement on them as well as commercial timber properties. We will also learn how to identify property owners for engagement along a proposed pipeline route using GIS mapping and parcel data. And finally, we will look at examples of monitoring resources and programs that can be used before, during and after construction. Upstate Forever’s GIS expert Katie Premo Hottel will be joining us along with David Sligh, Conservation Director for Wild Virginia. Click to register for Episode 4


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