Community Engagement

Shaping Our Future

Focus Group Series

The Shaping Our Future Growth Alternatives Analysis engaged stakeholders, elected officials and the broader community. In late September, several focus groups were convened at Greer City Hall to provide input regarding the effort. A special thanks to the City of Greer for sponsoring the series, a critical component of the initiative’s community engagement strategy. The presentations made at each focus group session can be found below.

In late October elected and appointed officials were asked to offer input on questions ranging from current growth trends to the opportunities and threats of future development over the next 25 years. The meeting was structured to be very interactive. As officials provided their responses using “clickers”, consultants were able to showcase their aggregate responses in real time as a part of the Powerpoint presentation, which is linked below. 

9/20/16: Regional Thought Leaders

9/20/16: Utility Providers

9/21/16: Commercial Development and Business Leaders

9/21/16: Industrial Development 

9/22/16: Residential Development and the Lending Community

10/27/16: Elected & Appointed Officials

Building on Past Community Efforts

The Shaping Our Future Growth Alternatives Analysis built on previous community engagement efforts including the Upstate Reality Check and Upstate Shared Growth Vision. These efforts combined collected feedback from more than 15,000 Upstate residents, which were used to inform the Growth Alternatives Analysis.

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