Celebrate the Generations Campaign launch

You're invited to join us for drinks, hors d'oeuvres & live bluegrass at the launch of the Generations Campaign on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 in Greenville.

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Landowner Testimonials

Unless something is done, this beautiful highway could end up looking like Woodruff Road.  We don’t own much land, but we wanted to do what we could to prevent that from happening.

Kent and Lynn Davis - Owners of property along Highway 11

It’s distressing to see what is happening to land in this part of the country. We’re losing so much beautiful land so quickly.  We were determined that it was not going to happen to our property.

Helen Sloan - Owner of property in southern Greenville County, now deceased

I always knew that I was going to protect this wonderful place, but I have to say that the new tax incentives were the main reason I decided to go ahead and get it done last year.

Dianne Culbertson - Owner of Timber Creek Farm in Laurens County

We sleep very well knowing that this amazing property will be preserved—forever.

Bettina and Don George - Owners of Fall Creek Mill and surrounding property in Oconee County

We did it because we wanted this farm we put so much into to always be a farm.  We want it to be here in the future to educate people about agriculture and where food comes from. There’s also a peace that comes from spending time here. There’s a psychological benefit from being on the land that gets me through my daily challenges. And there’s a peace in knowing that when we’re gone, this farm will always remain.

John Palmer - Owner of Greenbrier Farms, an active working farm in Pickens County, now deceased

Marie and I feel more like trustees of this property than owners.  It’s very important to us that this wonderful place remain protected long after we’re gone.

Robert Gregory - Owner of Four Columns Farm in northern Spartanburg County

My daughters and I wanted to make sure that this green space and wonderful wildlife habitat would be here forever. As we saw the expanding development along Highway 11, we realized our property was an important place to protect. I hope other owners who really care about their property will consider doing the same thing.

Laura Townes - Owner of property along the South Saluda River in Greenville and Pickens Counties

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