The Upstate Update: April 2021 - April 22nd, 2021

In this month's Upstate Update, we celebrate Earth Day, share why Upstate residents like you support our work, and more. read more

Legislative Updates 2021: April 12-16 - April 19th, 2021

With just four weeks remaining in the 2021 Legislative Session, Energy & State Policy Director Shelley Robbins offers a deep dive on a unique tool SC Senators can use to stall a bill, as well as the latest updates on the proposed breakup of DHEC, Santee Cooper reform, several new bills filed and others we are tracking. read more

By Shelley Robbins

Your Questions About the City of Spartanburg’s Comprehensive Plan Answered - April 15th, 2021

We spoke with Spartanburg City Manager Chris Story about "Plan Spartanburg," the City of Spartanburg's comprehensive plan update process currently in progress, about what the planning team has learned so far and what's next in the process. read more

Legislative Updates 2021: April 5-9 - April 12th, 2021

There are five weeks left in this year's Legislative Session, though there may be some extended work after "sine die" on the budget as South Carolina's economy continues to exceed expectations and revenues grow. read more

By Shelley Robbins

Legislative Updates 2021: March 29-April 2 - April 5th, 2021

With only 6 weeks remaining in this year's Legislative Session — and a handful of days until the April 10 crossover date — Energy & State Policy Director Shelley Robbins shares the latest news on several bills we are tracking, as well as a deep dive into the bill to break up the Department of Health and Environmental Services. read more

By Shelley Robbins

Celebrate Earth Month with our Virtual Community Cleanup Challenge! - March 31st, 2021

Just grab a bag and gloves and collect garbage in your local park, on the trail, or wherever you’re getting outside this month. Snap and share a photo and you’ll be entered to win some great prizes. read more

Greenville County Council considers repealing Article 3.1. But what should take its place? - March 30th, 2021

Article 3.1, a local land development regulation, has been controversial since it was adopted by Greenville County County several years ago. Recently, Council discussed the potential of repealing it. Fortunately, however, they have opted to amend it instead. Here is what we would like to see in new development regulations that would slow sprawl, protect farms and natural resources, and ensure development happens where our region's roads and infrastructure can support it. read more

Conquering Kudzu with a Little Help from Our Four-Legged Friends - March 30th, 2021

Local organizations are turning to unexpected helpers to control the invasive plant species kudzu. read more

By Caitlyn Smith Gendusa

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