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A quick note on Giving Tuesday

November 29th, 2022
By Aldon Knight

I grew up in the Upstate South Carolina woods. Literally. I have always been a kid-at-heart who would rather be outside enjoying a breeze or admiring beautiful scenery than sitting inside. As a kid, I was on my bike or climbing a tree for most of the daylight hours. I still find that nothing clears my head or brings me joy quite like a day spent outdoors — hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot or a babbling mountain stream, feeling the warmth of a sun-dappled trail and taking deep breaths of fresh air.

There's a connectedness with the Earth that we all need, even those of us who may not know it. No matter what progress the world makes, a connection to the earth is essential to human prosperity — and someone has to champion it. In our region, Upstate Forever is that someone.

Our work matters because we are trying to protect what makes this region special. I want future generations of Upstate kids to be able to climb trees, ride bikes in the fresh air, and enjoy the outdoors just like I did.

This Tuesday following Thanksgiving has become known as Giving Tuesday, and I'm certain you'll receive an appeal today from every nonprofit organization you've ever supported. But if our mission to protect the Upstate's critical lands, abundant waters, and unique character for future generations resonates with you, would you consider making a tax-deductible gift to Upstate Forever on this day of generosity?


Your support makes all the difference in our team's Land Conservation, Clean Water, Land Planning & Policy, and Energy & State Policy work. Your gift today will help us carry the momentum of this year's successes into 2023 — our 25th year!

Aldon Knight
Director of Development and Community Relations
Upstate Forever

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