Why plant native trees?

November 25th, 2021
By Joelle Teachey

Native plants and trees are already adapted to our local Upstate conditions, so, once established, they generally need little to no fertilizer or irrigation to thrive. They help reduce and filter stormwater runoff, which helps keep our rivers and drinking water clean. Plus, native plants provide natural habitat for a variety of local bird, wildlife, and pollinator populations.

Urban hardy native species that do well in our area include (but are not limited to):


Includes medium to large canopy trees

  • white oak 
  • swamp white oak
  • swamp chestnut oak
  • overcup oak
  • Shumard oak
  • Nuttall oak
  • black tupelo
  • tulip poplar
  • American holly
  • eastern redcedar
  • southern magnolia
  • American hornbeam
  • hophornbeam
  • American yellowwood
  • eastern redbud
  • American beech
  • honeylocust
  • pignut hickory
  • pecan
  • mockernut hickory
  • Carolina silverbell
  • sassafras
  • American basswood
  • red maple
  • cherry bark oak
  • American persimmon


Small trees that are by definition less than 25'

  • serviceberry
  • fringetree
  • red buckeye
  • southern catalpa
  • chalk maple
  • pawpaw

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