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May 10th, 2022

We are proud to share with you the latest issue of the Upstate Advocate, our twice-yearly print publication. Below, read the letter from Executive Director Andrea Cooper introducing the Spring/Summer 2022 issue celebrating the work of six remarkable women contributing to conservation, community vibrancy, and advocacy in the Upstate.

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Drive and determination

Real talk: on occasion, some aspects of Upstate Forever’s work are a challenge. Our region is growing quickly, and time is not on our side to protect special places and implement policies for more responsible growth. But if anything, the obstacles and setbacks make our work even more important and necessary — if positive change was fast and easy all the time, everyone would be achieving it!

However, I'm happy to say that we also get to celebrate plenty of big wins! The critical nature of this work is a motivator for our staff to give it their all, every day. Last year, our Land Trust had one of their best years yet, with nearly 3,600 acres protected in permanent conservation easements.

Working with partners from across the state, our legislative team helped successfully advocate for seven bills, as well as helping nine others move forward. And we secured significant grants to help fight pollution in the Tyger and Twelve Mile watersheds.

Upstate Forever works diligently on your behalf to represent our fragile and essential natural resources as the Upstate experiences rapid growth. But we could not do any of this work without you.

Your support is why we can protect greenspace, waterways, and iconic places. You are the reason we can advocate for smarter growth practices that reduce sprawl and lay the framework for better transit, increased walkability, and more affordable housing in our cities. With your help, we can safeguard the waterways that carry our drinking water. We are dedicated to ensuring a green and vibrant Upstate, and, thanks to your generosity, are making great progress!

Each of the six remarkable women featured in this issue of the Upstate Advocate has taken on a challenging issue or task related to conservation, community vibrancy, or advocacy (or all three!). They have persevered and achieved remarkable things for their communities. Their drive and determination are truly inspirational, and I hope you enjoy their stories.

Once again, thank you. You make our important work possible. All of our organization’s successes are thanks to you, and they are cause for celebration.

Andrea Cooper
Executive Director

Click here to read a digital copy of the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of the Upstate Advocate

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