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We are seeking a Land Policy Manager to join our Land Planning & Policy program staff. If you would like to advance Upstate Forever's strategic goals related to land policy including protecting urban tree canopy and green spaces, expanding housing & mobility choices, building healthy, inclusive communities in rapidly urbanizing areas, protecting riparian buffers, productive farmlands and forests, and critical habitats in rural areas, learn more and apply today.

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Award Spotlight: Catherine Heigel

February 27th, 2018
By Heather Nix

Left to right: Mark Taylor, Catherine Heigel, Andrea Cooper

Catherine Heigel was honored with the Clean Water Champion Award at the 2018 ForeverGreen Awards Luncheon for her leadership in launching the South Carolina Adopt-a-Stream program during her time with SC DHEC.

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With the rapid growth of the Upstate, it’s more important than ever that we evaluate the health of our rivers and identify concerns. Unfortunately, DHEC’s limited budget only allows them to sample about 25% of the named streams in the Upstate, making it difficult to know the condition of many streams. The Adopt-a-Stream program empowers citizen volunteers to help monitor water quality in the state’s lakes, rivers, and streams. 

Typically, it takes years to create a program like this, but Catherine immediately saw the possibilities for expanding the program across the state and took quick action to make that happen. She recruited Clemson University’s Center for Watershed Excellence as a partner, and, about a year later, launched the SC Adopt-a-Stream program.

We celebrate Catherine’s actions to empower citizen scientists to help identify concerns in our waterways, which can prompt problems to be quickly corrected. This helps Upstate Forever achieve our mission of protecting water quality throughout the Upstate.

Photo: Lauren Miller Photography

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