Award Spotlight: Spartanburg School District 6 Farm to School Program

February 27th, 2018
By Scott Park

From left: Troy Hanna, Dr. Darryl Owings, Andrea Cooper, Mark Taylor, Tom Craig, Elizabeth Martin

The Spartanburg School District 6: Farm to School Initiative was honored with the Tommy Wyche Land Conservation Champion Award at the 2018 ForeverGreen Awards Luncheon.

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Cragmoor Farms, which is protected by a conservation easement with Upstate Forever, is home to the district’s Farm to School program, which provides organic foods to students as an alternative to precooked meals.

From the original deed from King George the Third in 1763, to today’s partnership among Spartanburg County School District 6, Spartanburg County Foundation, and Upstate Forever, this project is now two hundred years in the making. ​

Already, Dylan ​Nitzkorski and ​the ​School District 6​ ​team have reclaimed the fields to fill cafeterias and curriculum. Storage and processing infrastructure, including a packing shed with walk-in coolers, ​is located on site. ​Dylan has additional plans to increase productivity and earn organic certification. ​Through and through, this project is a stellar example of a community conservation project for other school districts, as well as a demonstration for organic farmers in the region.

Photo: Lauren Miller Photography

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