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Human + Nature: Alice Lee

October 27th, 2019
By Alice Lee, Full-Time Four Year Old

Alice Lee, 4, lives in Greenville County with her family. Photo by Morgan Yelton


Do you like to go outside? 

I like going outside. It’s my favorite thing. I like it when it’s a sunny day. I play in the sprinkler and I water flowers with my Nana. And I like to play with my little brother and play house.

Can you tell me about your flowers?

I have planted some flowers. I think I have daisies. I like to water flowers because flowers love that and they grow more. My mommy plants things besides flowers. I think she grows tomatoes.

What are your favorite things to see outside?

My favorite things I see outside are squirrels, dragonflies, and butterflies. I really like butterflies. I had caterpillars and they went into cocoons. And then they were beautiful butterflies. I let my butterflies go because they needed to find their new home. They came back one day to visit.

(Note from Alice’s mother: Those… may not have been the same butterflies but that’s what we’re going with.)

What do you like to do outside?

I have been to a bunch of parks. I love to do that. I have been to a water park. I like to go outside with my mom and dad and listen to them and talk to them. Daddy has rided me and my little brother on a bike. But now I have my own bike. It’s all pink. 

And I went apple picking and we went on a tractor ride. We had to wait our turn. We only picked the red ones — not the green ones because they are still growing. 

What is your favorite season?

I know all the seasons. I know the leaves turn color in the fall. My favorite season is when snowflakes come down. I have seen snow and when I was two years old we built a snowman and we put a carrot on his nose.

Do you know what “nature” means?

My mommy told me that nature is a lot of animals. And a lot of trees and a lot of flowers. I have seen a big mountain. One time I also went to the beach and there were jellyfish. They were on the ground and the water took them backwards and then back to the land. In the morning I saw deers and an alligator.  

Is nature important to you?

Animals and nature are important because we need to watch them and take care of them. 


Alice Lee lives in Greenville with her mommy, daddy, and little brother Sebastian. This story was initially published in the Upstate Advocate, a twice-yearly print newsletter produced by Upstate Forever, as part of a piece called "Human + Nature: Ten Upstate Residents Share How the Natural World Shapes Their Lives." View the full issue (PDF)

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