Human + Nature: Chad Carson

October 25th, 2019
By Chad Carson, Entrepreneur

Chad Carson is an entrepreneur and Friends of the Green Crescent volunteer in Pickens County. Photo by Morgan Yelton

Most mornings my wife and I walk or bike with our two daughters to Clemson Elementary School. The fresh morning air, the sounds, the movement, and especially the conversation make it one of our treasured rituals.

But even before kids, moving outside together was always special. My wife and I walked to a waterfall in the Clemson Experimental Forest for our first date. 

Not too long after, I asked her to marry me sitting around a fire on a camping trip. Our shared love of being outdoors was a foundation that we built our family upon. 

We have traveled all over the world together as a family, including a 17-month stay in Cuenca, Ecuador. And there are so many wonderful things about every place we visit. 

But when we return to the Upstate of South Carolina, its natural beauty and richness never cease to amaze us. This place is truly one of a kind. 

We feel privileged to live and raise our girls in the Upstate where nature is so accessible and beautiful. 

Each time we walk on a local trail or visit a nearby waterfall, we also feel thankful for the people and organizations (like Upstate Forever) who worked and continue to work so hard to preserve and expand these spaces for our children and for future generations.

Chad Carson, an entrepreneur and Friends of the Green Crescent volunteer, lives in Clemson with his family. This story was initially published in the Upstate Advocate, a twice-yearly print newsletter produced by Upstate Forever, as part of a piece called "Human + Nature: Ten Upstate Residents Share How the Natural World Shapes Their Lives." View the full issue (PDF)

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