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Human + Nature: Clark Gallivan

October 22nd, 2019
By Clark Gallivan, Financial Advisor

Clark Gallivan, a Greenville County resident, is a financial advisor at UBS. Photo by Morgan Yelton

I grew up in Greenville in a house full of “nature geeks.” We always had conversations about nature — it was part of the fabric of our family, and curiosity was just a way of life. Since childhood, my life experiences have revolved around that foundation. My fondest memories include "hiking," which I now know was my parents’ code word for getting my two brothers and me out of the house. My wife and I now do the same with our four sons.

For college, I chose Sewanee, which is located on 13,000 acres on a mountaintop, and pursued degrees in geology and forestry. I worked as an environmental consultant for many years, and still welcome opportunities to combine my degree and past experience with my current career as a Financial Advisor at UBS. My team has a growing focus on sustainable investing, which allows us to help clients achieve their goals, while having a positive impact on the environment and society.

Outside of the office, for recreation or even as part of my exercise routine, I prefer to be outdoors and engaged with nature. My wife, Katie, and I try to raise our sons the same way, spending time in the natural world and teaching them to have an awareness of those things that make it so special. I’m truly grateful for organizations like Upstate Forever, and appreciate them working so diligently to protect natural areas in the Upstate. 

Clark Gallivan is a Financial Advisor with UBS in Greenville. This story was initially published in the Upstate Advocate, a twice-yearly print newsletter produced by Upstate Forever, as part of a piece called "Human + Nature: Ten Upstate Residents Share How the Natural World Shapes Their Lives." View the full issue (PDF)

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