City of Greenville revised tree ordinance adopted

January 28th, 2021

Good news! On Monday, January 25, Greenville City Council finalized adoption of the revised tree ordinance at second reading. The ordinance will be reviewed every two years to understand its impact in actually preserving and protecting remaining tree canopy in Greenville.

A staff presentation to City Council on Monday featured other steps the City is taking to replenish tree canopy. Visit Greenville's Trees to learn about "Rooted in Greenville: The Tree Plan" which includes #PlantGVL — a goal to plant 1000 trees annually in City parks and public right-of-way — and tree give away events to encourage city residents to plant trees on private property.

Finally - during a public hearing for the draft GVL2040 comprehensive plan at City Council on Monday, we voiced strong support for adoption of the draft plan - along with a "consistency" policy to ensure GVL2040 remains front and center in Council's decisions following final adoption - anticipated in late February. Click here to learn more about the draft GVL2040 comp plan.


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