Join us on July 20th at 6 pm to protect farms, forests, and rural areas

July 16th, 2021

On Tuesday, July 20 County Council will cast votes regarding two critically important issues that will shape the future of Greenville County and impact the lives of all Greenville residents:

We need YOU to join us in Council Chambers (301 University Ridge) on Tuesday at 6:00 pm to show your support for these two very important issues. See the meeting agenda HERE for details.

To demonstrate how many residents feel strongly about these issues, citizens groups will be distributing signs for both. Please pick them up as you enter council chambers to show your support! We need to fill the room to show Council members that Greenville residents care deeply about responsible growth and the protection of historic and natural resources.

Finally, in the days leading up to Tuesday's meeting, use YOUR voice to support Greenville's remaining forests, farmlands, and rural areas by doing one or all of the following:

  • Mark your calendar for July 20th at 6 pm and invite at least one friend or neighbor to join you in attending this very important Council meeting.
  • Contact council and tell them to: (1) strengthen the 3.1 replacement ordinance by reinstating county staff's recommendations and (2) support funding for the HNRT. (To send a group email to these members, click here.)
  • Share this blog post with your Greenville County friends and neighbors who want to see meaningful protection in place for our remaining forests, farmlands, and rural areas.

If you need a crash course on the Article 3.1 replacement effort, click here for background information and how we would like to see the proposed replacement ordinance strengthened.

To learn more about the Historic and Natural Resources Trust and join the Greenville Coalition for Greenspace, a group that supports private and public initiatives to protect more historic and natural resources in Greenville County, visit

How do I contact my County Council member?

You can find county council member contact information here and below. Don't know who represents you? Enter your address here to find out.

Joe Dill (District 17)

Michael Barnes (District 18)

Willis Meadows (District 19)

Steve Shaw (District 20)

Chris Harrison (District 21)

Stan Tzouvelekas (District 22)

Xanthene Norris (District 23)

Liz Seman (District 24)

Ennis Fant (District 25)

Lynn Ballard (District 26)

Butch Kirven (District 27)

Dan Tripp (District 28)

If you'd like to receive updates and action alerts such as this one directly in your inbox, join our Greenville County Land Planning & Policy Issues email list at

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