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Inspired: Abstract Painter and Collage Artist Allison Ford

October 19th, 2020

I grew up on the South Carolina coast and we came up to the mountains a lot. Being up here has always been very inspiring to me, and now I’ve lived in the Upstate for about ten years.

I have always been a creative person who dabbles in a lot of different things. I made jewelry as a kid. At one point I wanted to learn calligraphy. In college, I took two art classes, but it wasn’t until I was an adult until I realized I really wanted to learn to paint. I took a class at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts that was full of really experienced artists — and I didn’t even have my own paint. I was in way over my head. It was not where I was supposed to be, but exactly where I was supposed to be. I just kept at it and started developing my own style. My work is about color, shape, and movement. 

My family has spent a ton of time outdoors lately. We have gone on so many hikes and have been finding areas to just explore nature as a family. It has been lovely. Nature has brought me peace during the pandemic and the opportunity to focus on what is most important. It has also brought inspiration for my work. I’ve been so inspired by trees and water. These don’t necessarily translate to my work in ways that a viewer can always see, but the feeling that nature creates, the colors found in nature, are what I hope to convey.

I’ve been finding solace and a resting place in art, too. I think everyone is creative in their own certain way and it’s important to find something, your thing, that brings you peace and happiness. This pandemic is touching everyone in a different way, but it is hard for everyone.  Everyone needs something to make them happy. That’s what painting is for me.

View more of Allison’s work at helloallisonart.com or on Instagram @helloallisonart.

Photos by Cameron Budove Photography and Kimberly Michelle Gibson Photography.

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