Action Alert: Support 50' riparian buffers for new development

December 20th, 2023

We need your help to ensure Greenville County Council votes to protect Greenville's waterways on Monday, January 2, at 6:00 pm. 

Please join us for Greenville County Council at County Square, 301 University Ridge, to show support for a 50' riparian buffer for new development county-wide.

Here's What you can do:

  • Attend the meeting wearing BLUE! A strong show of support at the January 2 meeting, which will include public hearing and third reading on this critically important ordinance, will speak volumes and help ensure Council's previous support holds firm following what will likely be a contentious public hearing and council vote.
  • If your representative was one of those that previously voted YES, please reach out today and urge their continued support at third reading. Greenville County Council members Blount, Bradley, Fant, Kirven, Mitchell, Russo, Seman, Shaw, and Tripp voted YES at second reading of the ordinance in November.  

Click here for a refresher on what riparian buffers are and what benefits they provide.

If you don't know who represents you on Greenville County Council, click HERE and enter your address to find out.

Below are Greenville County Council members' phone numbers and emails:

  • County Council Chairman Dan Tripp: 864.915.9212,
  • County Council Vice-Chair Liz Seman: 864.501.4126,
  • Michael Barnes: 864.877.9457,
  • Benton Blount: 864.483.2474,
  • Rick Bradley: 864.483.3090,
  • Ennis Fant: 864.467.2787,
  • Chris Harrison: 864.467.4917,
  • Butch Kirven: 864.228.9300,
  • Alan Mitchell: 864.483.6952,
  • Joey Russo: 864.483.0689,
  • Steve Shaw: 864.553.9713,
  • Stan Tzouvelekas: 864.467.4958,

Start off the new year by supporting greenville's waterways!

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