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Action Alert: Urge Greenville County Council to support staff's plan with NO amendments

August 13th, 2021

On Tuesday, August 17th, Greenville County Council will vote at final reading on an ordinance to replace Article 3.1. The meeting will be held in Council Chambers (301 University Ridge, Greenville, SC) at 6 pm and live-streamed. Details can be found on the agenda HERESeating will be limited. We urge all who attend to arrive early and follow CDC guidelines.

We support the draft replacement ordinance developed by county staff, which calls for new rural conservation subdivision design standards, continued protection for rare species, and requirements for residential developers to share in the cost of infrastructure improvements to support new development.

Four amendments have been proposed that would greatly weaken staff's plan (see Item 9D on the meeting agenda). The most damaging among them is Amendment #1 — a compilation of several harmful amendments and the most obvious slap in the face to citizens and biggest give-away to developers.

Amendment #4, regarding Open Space, is also particularly offensive to the interests of citizens. If this amendment passes, the result will be uncontrolled and fiscally-unsustainable suburban sprawl into unzoned, undeveloped areas.

It is only due to YOUR voices that the staff plan is even still under consideration. Prior to a critical vote at second reading last month, the ordinance being considered was woefully inadequate, unjustly benefitting developers at the expense of other community members. The amendments proposed at third reading are an attempt to do the same.

Please take action THIS WEEKEND. Urge all County Council members to adopt county staff's recommended 3.1 replacement ordinance AS IS, with no harmful amendments at third reading.

Want to email all council members at once? Click HERE. To contact members individually, see below.

Don't know who represents you? Enter your address here to find out.

Joe Dill (District 17)

Michael Barnes (District 18)

Willis Meadows (District 19)

Steve Shaw (District 20)

Chris Harrison (District 21)

Stan Tzouvelekas (District 22)

Xanthene Norris (District 23)

Liz Seman (District 24)

Ennis Fant (District 25)

Lynn Ballard (District 26)

Butch Kirven (District 27)

Dan Tripp (District 28)

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