Big win for water! 50' riparian buffers in Greenville County

January 5th, 2024
By Sherry Barrett

Thank you for speaking up and thank Greenville County Council for their decision Tuesday to better protect our waterways! At least a 50' wide riparian buffer is now required for new development along all Waters-of-the-State in unincorporated Greenville County.

Why this is BIG

Upstate Forever and local partners that comprise the Reedy River Water Quality Group (RRWQG) and other clean water advocates have aggressively championed adoption of stronger riparian buffer requirements in Greenville County for well-over a decade. Land development in Greenville County has accelerated throughout this time period, with limited protections in place for our waterways.

Riparian buffers are vegetated areas next to streams and rivers that provide protection from the impacts of adjacent land uses. They are considered the last line of defense for water quality and are the most cost-effective and fiscally responsible way to protect Greenville County’s rivers and streams. The benefits associated with increased riparian buffers — including water quality, flood protection, tax revenue, and recreation — far exceed the costs.

Thank Greenville County Council today! 

Greenville County residents, please reach out to County Council. They are constantly inundated with negative comments and requests prior to votes, but less often hear from grateful citizens. A thank you call or email lets them know you support their decision — and that you're paying attention! Tell them that you are celebrating their decision to protect our waterways.

Below are Greenville County Council members' phone numbers and email addresses:

County Council Chairman Dan Tripp: 864.915.9212,
County Council Vice-Chair Liz Seman: 864.501.4126,
Michael Barnes: 864.877.9457,
Benton Blount: 864.483.2474,
Rick Bradley: 864.483.3090,
Ennis Fant: 864.467.2787,
Chris Harrison: 864.467.4917,
Butch Kirven: 864.228.9300,
Alan Mitchell: 864.483.6952,
Joey Russo: 864.483.0689,
Steve Shaw: 864.553.9713,
Stan Tzouvelekas: 864.467.4958,

Thank you again for your help! The new year is off to a great start.

Here's to many more local land use & clean water policy successes in 2024!

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