We'll be wearing GREEN on November 18 - will you?

November 11th, 2019
By Lisa Hallo & Sherry Barrett, Land Policy Team

Since the start of the year, Upstate Forever staff have been actively engaged in the county’s comprehensive planning process as a key stakeholder. We have been advocating for a stop to our "business-as-usual" approach to land development and urging a more balanced approach to accommodating future growth. The comprehensive plan – if enacted with policy – will provide a better alternative to the unfettered sprawl we are currently experiencing in Greenville County.
Now it is time for plan adoption and policy ACTION!
We will be at the public hearing on November 18 at 6 pm at County Square – wearing GREEN to show support for the draft comprehensive plan. We hope you will join us!
We will be urging county council to adopt the plan as proposed and then immediately begin advancing the plan’s key strategies and recommended next steps. Chief among those recommendations is to develop a Unified Development Ordinance that aligns zoning and development regulations with the vision set out in the plan. This step is critical to give the plan “teeth.”
Greenville County is a big place with wide-ranging citizen and stakeholder interests. The comp plan aims to bear all of those interests in mind and set out a shared vision for how to accommodate the 222,000 new citizens projected by 2040 while growing more responsibly. Balancing those interests is a tall order, but we believe the plan does just that.
We hope to see you on November 18 – in GREEN to show support for the Greenville Comprehensive Plan! This plan -- and policies to enact it -- will directly impact citizens' quality of life for decades to come. Here's the details:
  • Date: Monday, November 18th
  • Time: 6 pm
  • Location: Greenville County Square (301 University Ridge – Council Chambers)
  • Attire: Wear GREEN to show your support for the plan!
If you can't attend the meeting, you can still contact your elected official and share your support for the Greenville Comprehensive Plan. Not sure who represents you? Visit this website and enter your street address to find out!
For more information, contact Land Policy Director Lisa Hallo at lhallo@upstateforever.org or Land Policy Manager Sherry Barrett at sbarrett@upstateforever.org

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